3 simple tricks to improve your attention span

Hand holding a stop watch

As most of us are well aware of, we are living in a world of instant gratification and quick fixes. Usually we are not able to spend even a minute of focused effort without a notification popping up somewhere.

For how long can you actually focus? 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 1 hour?
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Burning down your past troubles

Burning flames

Every year an event called Las Fallas turns the city of Valencia into a madhouse. Despite being a rather local happening, as a stranger you would probably assume that the city is in a state of emergency during these days from the 15th until the 19th of March. It’s hard to count until ten without hearing a fire-cracker go up somewhere, while traditional ceremonies and brass band marches disrupt even the slightest attempt of having a short siesta during the day.
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The human factor

Energetic person vs. tired person

If you have been working in the IT industry for a while, it is probably not entirely new to you that projects don’t always go as expected. They get delayed, people get fired, companies go bankrupt…

Ok, let’s imagine a slightly less pessimistic scenario, one that each of us has probably gone through: A product launch has to be postponed, because one of the key features couldn’t be delivered on time.
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The story of The Book Project

Logo of The Book Project

Hi everyone, today I’m going to tell you a bit about a side project I’ve been working on lately. It is called “The Book Project” and is about collaborative storytelling.

(IMPORTANT: Right now, the project is targeted to Spain and Latin/South America which is why the website is only available in Spanish)

Everything started on the morning of Sunday, the 29th of April, after a long celebration of my friend’s 30th birthday. On our way home, Javier and I started talking about project ideas, and among other things: A cloud platform to create a story written by different people.
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Every developer’s most hated discipline

Woman upset about Internet Explorer

Who doesn’t hate browser testing? There are probably few things more disappointing than firing up your website in an environment that is not your own, just to realize that everything gets screwed up.

Not to mention the effort that goes into documenting the errors, and somehow squeeze the work of bug fixing into your already crammed agenda. (let’s ignore for the moment the endless time that goes into making your HTML5/CSS3 wizardry work in Internet Explorer 8…)
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Expo Day 2014 at Plug and Play Spain

Logo of Plug And Play Accelerator Valencia

Today I had the pleasure to attend the pitch presentations of eight startups that have been participating in the acceleration program of the Valencian subsidiary of Plug and Play Tech Center from Silicon Valley. The so called “Expo Day” took place at Cines Lys, a movie theatre in the heart of the center of Valencia.

I’m by the why neither an investor, nor am I related to any of the startups in particular. I’m just a curious tech guy who tries to socialize and inform himself in this ever evolving industry, and this blog is the place where I share this kind of information with the world.
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Using Wunderlist to its full potential

Screenshot of an empty Wunderlist to-do list

From the day I started jotting down to do items on a sheet of paper, I realized that our lives are a bit more complex than an arbitrary list of seemingly important issues you came up with that random morning when you decided to become more organized.
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